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Gundam Build Fighters: the official side stories

Image from pixiv by Tanaka Hidetomo

The new Gundam anime ‘Gundam Build Fighters‘ just aired in Japan today.
As with the previous series, there will be side stories.
Jump in to take a peek at what GBF have for us on the side!

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Figure Fun+: Boxes

A box
I think you know who’s looking for this package…

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Figure Fun: The new guy

He ponders over the reason of he being here…

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Figure Fun: The new guy…

So who is the new guy?

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Gundam AGE: Bandai Namco Press Release

Experience points!!!

Here is some info from the press release PDF.
Don’t want to do a full translation so I will just pick out the important points.

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Gundam AGE: PV and Website

Here’s the first PV of the new Gundam series, AGE!
Also the website which just opened today:

The post will be updated as I translate.Finished.
Rough translations after the jump.

[Update] New pic and video at post end.

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New age Gundam – Gundam AGE

Silhouette no more!!
An overused image, lol :P

A few days ago the above silhouette is revealed with an anouncement of a new Gundam anime. Just yesterday scans from Coro Coro Comic were released on the web with information on this new series “Gundam AGE”.

Rough translation of the scans after the jump.
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A piece of Persona on the desktop


Just finished my reworked version of a Persona 4 HUD for Rainmeter, thought I’d post something to spread the news :P

Besides having a Settings dialog for easy configuration, there is also the support for Styles. Styles are used to skin the config and anyone can make a Style.

Ok, anymore and this will sound like a product description :P
Anyway below are the links if anyone wants to try the Rainmeter config:
P4 HUD Extended
P4 HUD Extended – Style Pack
P3mix for P4 HUD Extended [NEW! ;p]

Be sure to download and install Rainmeter first!

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Nendoroid RPG coming to PSP!?

Surfing around when I caught sight of this article on Siliconera.

Tried sniffing around on the webs but it seems like its really early info and most blogs seem to only have the same info.

EDIT: Didn’t keep a lookout but a day after Famitsu did a post with pictures:
Famitsu post

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White Rock Shooter !?


Just found out from Siliconera then Famitsu.

Could the figma of the Special Edition be this White Rock Shooter design or just a Black Rock Shooter repaint?

>> Siliconera article
>> Famitsu article (Has pictures of BRS’ ally, “Prototype”)
>> BRS game official site

EDIT: Apparently this design should be the figma for the Special Edition as a picture of the prototype is seen on 2chan.

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