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AFA11 – zomgwtfbbq


I suppose you can already guess what this is going to be about! As you have probably heard, the next Mikupa will be held in Singapore, at the Anime Festival Asia 11, on the quirky date of 11.11.11, Friday night. If the Sapporo concert was anything to go by, we’d be getting the magical glass screen and also an exciting lineup of new songs by popular producers. I do hope they play some old favorites too, though!

One of the things to look forward to is definitely the 39’s, the live band who played for the previous Vocaloid concerts. I really enjoy their live arranges of classic songs, and damn, their skill level is really something to behold! Also, I wonder if we’ll see any music producers being invited, too.

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Random ramblings and utterly belated updates

This is, first and foremost, a random post on what’s in store for local anime fans and for myself. It involves AFA’s press preview conference on what has been confirmed last month (told you it’s utterly belated) and speculations for upcoming guests and information that will be revealed by the next few weeks, as well as my own ‘obsession’ on going for Perfume’s live concerts.

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AFA’s MMK maids special appearance @ NEX mall


The AFA crew announces another upcoming MMK collaboration/appearance, this time at NEX shopping mall!

Here’s a excerpt from their facebook message:

    “Goshujin sama, Ojou sama! MMK X RE&S presents, MMK Mobile @ Shokutsu10, The NEX Shopping Mall, Serangoon, from 18th – 20th March, 12noon – 8pm, for 3 days only! Exclusive MMK X Shokutsu 10 merchandise, Special Performances, Photo session, games and more! Come down to shokutsu 10 and meet MMK Girls in person!”

For those who missed out the maids at AFA as well as Liang Court, do drop by NEX shopping mall at Serangoon Central on the 18th to 20th of March!

For more details, please visit this link.

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Milky Holmes Interview! @ AFAX

Bonkurasu is proud to present  an Interview with Milky Holmes main seiyuus from AFAX!

Milky Holmes is a MediaMix (A Intellectual Property that encompasses a few different form of media) that is brought to you by Bushiroad. It consists of an internet radio drama, a psp game a manga adaptation , a anime adaptation and a card game.


The 4 pretty ladies that were interviewed by us are (From the Left to right) Mikoi Sasaki , Sora Tokui , Suzuko Mimori and Izumi Kitta. (Credits go to SGCAFE for the picture)

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AFAX – This year, I am too tired to draw.

But I did the usual anyway! Go on ahead!

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AFA X – behind the scenes

This particular post is about another perspective that is hardly known to the general public that happened around AFA X. Pretty amusing encounters, I must say =D Sorry, but this post don’t have any pictures for public use =P

Details after the cut wwwwww

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Tie-ups and possibly more???

AFA X had a second press conference today, and well, what made me very excited was a very possible JAM PROJECT + ANIKI DUET!!!!


    “Jam Project and Ichirou Mizuki will be having a special performance together in AFA X !”

^Taken from sgcafe, one of AFA X’s online media partners.

Super Robot fans will rejoice, as this is one of the rare times Aniki and JAM Project ever performed live together! Shedding manly tears now brb.



Now that I’m all rather calm and sober, which song do you think they might perform? Personally I am voting for Stormbringer, though. Pretty hot-blooded song, fairly new too. =D There are many songs that they could possibly collaborate, such as Soultaker, Hagane no Messiah… etc etc.

Oh Oh, not to miss on is angela performing with Soukyuu no Fafner visuals. Nostalgia will definitely hit the anime fan, especially those who caught the anime. In fact, angela’s song for the OP of the anime probably propelled it to be more famous and awesome than it’s supposed to be originally.

So to all angela fans, please grab your towels! Bring one with you, or maybe you could possibly buy one at AFA Shop, who knows?

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ZANEEDS is coming to AFA!

Any Mikutronica listener who knows their Ps would have heard of PaipanP, composer for the unit ZANEEDS. This is probably the first time a vocaloid producer will be featured in an local event, and is much cause for excitement!

If you haven’t heard his work yet, give this a try. PaipanP makes house/acid jazz music, usually using Hatsune Miku. Iei~

Kono hitogoroshii~ iei~

Also part of ZANEEDS is illustrator CHANXCO, who most vocaloid fans will probably recognize by his distinctive clean and cute super-deformed art. Although it is not confirmed whether all of ZANEEDS will be coming down, its something worth keeping my fingers crossed for.

Another announcement made today at the media update was the invitation of DJ/fortune telling group Not For Sale, and the leader of Not For Sale (Ookubo Jun) happens to be involved in ZANEEDS too!

Ah, and if you were wondering why PaipanP is named PaipanP, this song is your answer.

Less than a month to AFA!

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AFA X’s Q&A panel for Kana-chan and KANAME/aira


Have burning questions to ask kana-chan and the Japanese guest cosplayers, Kaname☆ and -aira-? Now you can reach them, and have a chance to get your questions answered during their stage segments!


Some of you might have known from AFA X’s facebook that aira is coming! Well known for her cosplays as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier as well as Mio from K-on recently, her appearance at AFA X this year will definitely draw guys to the event like how KANAME☆ did last year, for the girls at least. 8D

Links to the QnA are here for Hanazawa Kana and here for KANAME☆/-aira-.


Vote for your favourite JAM Project song at AFA X


And so the organisers from AFA X would like all JAM Project fans to vote for their favourite song, to be performed at AFA X. This is one of the rare chances where fans can actually have a say as to what songs their favourite artistes are performing. Sounds cool huh? XD

To cast your vote, do head down over here!

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