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Gundam Build Fighters: the official side stories

Image from pixiv by Tanaka Hidetomo

The new Gundam anime ‘Gundam Build Fighters‘ just aired in Japan today.
As with the previous series, there will be side stories.
Jump in to take a peek at what GBF have for us on the side!

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Silver Link’s Prisma Ilya is probably the next Ufotable


It has been roughly a year ago since it was announced at Type Moon Fes event to have Prisma Ilya animated. My initial worry is that Silver Link, the animation’s production studio, might screw it up. (Tsukihime? What Tsukihime?) Rewatching Fate/Stay Night anime didn’t give me a whole lot of hope either, since the characters didn’t look a whole lot like how Type Moon’s character designs ought to be.

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Upcoming anime series of 2013/2014 that I am excited about


Erm hi guys, I’m back from the dead lack of blogging! Well, priorities came up and all, but still managed to churn out time for some hobbies and such. Great anime series came and went over the course of my absence, such as Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica.

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New age Gundam – Gundam AGE

Silhouette no more!!
An overused image, lol :P

A few days ago the above silhouette is revealed with an anouncement of a new Gundam anime. Just yesterday scans from Coro Coro Comic were released on the web with information on this new series “Gundam AGE”.

Rough translation of the scans after the jump.
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Persona 4 anime confirmed!

It’s the day the game starts, and the anime is announced!


I’m very excited. Are you? Hearing our silent bancho speak would be a fresh experience!


Latest Madoka Magica trailer comes with animated footage!

And thus the Hidamari vibes have doubled! From the trailer, you can also hear a snippet of the opening theme, Connect by ClariS.

Also, I will be in Japan for two weeks starting this coming Monday, and will try to update as often as possible during my trip. In the meantime, I’ll be busy preparing!

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Milky Holmes Interview! @ AFAX

Bonkurasu is proud to present  an Interview with Milky Holmes main seiyuus from AFAX!

Milky Holmes is a MediaMix (A Intellectual Property that encompasses a few different form of media) that is brought to you by Bushiroad. It consists of an internet radio drama, a psp game a manga adaptation , a anime adaptation and a card game.


The 4 pretty ladies that were interviewed by us are (From the Left to right) Mikoi Sasaki , Sora Tokui , Suzuko Mimori and Izumi Kitta. (Credits go to SGCAFE for the picture)

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Madoka Magica Staff Comments


Picture from AkibaOS (@AkibaOS)
You’ve probably heard of this new SHAFT project by now, with its strange (but winning) combination of creators, and the one factor who promises to bring them all together, Akiyuki Shinbo. Having been jokingly called “Chidamari Sketch (血だまりスケッチ) because of the strange pairing of Aoki Ume (Author of Hidamari Sketch, a laid-back slice of life story with extremely cute characters) , and Urobuchi Gen (Best known as the main scenario writer of Nitro+ works Saya no Uta and Phantom), Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica may be the next great thing out of SHAFT.

Details are yet to be released, but the website has been launched yesterday, announcing the addition of composer Kajiura Yuki and Kishida Takahiro to the already-stellar lineup. Also on the site are comments from the staff, which follow after the jump.

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Mazinkaizer SKL: How does 2 pilot SKL?

After knowing about Mazinkaizer SKL its been always on my mind – how will the 2 pilots pilot the Mazinkaizer?
And that was answered by the PV.
Full of violence and a tinge of ecchi as usual :P

Mazinkaizer is a 3-part OVA with SECT1 “Death caprice” out on 28 January 2011.
SECT 2 “Search-and-Kill” and SECT 3 “Final Count” will be out on the 25 February 2011 and 25 March 2011.

Another thing to add is that Tamashii Web is offering a “Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL Starter Pack” that comes with a DVD copy of SECT 1.

Official site

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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai TV Anime PV released!

It’s looking great! Also, the PV was uploaded on Nicovideo but can only be viewed if you are in Japan (If you try to access it it’ll give you an error) Link here.

OreImo on Niconico Channel
Official anime site.

Can’t wait for the anime!

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