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Perfume, AKB48 and….???

So I’ve been really slow to update over here, but it seems like there were several updates of interest to me lately. Well, almost all.

First up: Perfume’s new double A single’s CD covers and promotional picture!

Promotional picture

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WOWOW to air Countdown Japan 10/11 in February

One of Japan’s cable TV channel WOWOW will be airing Countdown Japan 10/11, with only the hottest artistes performing on that night. Perfume performs for Countdown Japan yet again, with the set list as follows:

    M1 ねぇ
    M2 ワンルーム・ディスコ
    M3 VOICE
    M4 マカロニ
    M5 The best thing
    M6 Puppy love
    M7 ポリリズム

A special digest version will air on 11th Feb (Fri) midnight GMT+9, and the full version will air on 18th Feb (Fri) 1710hrs GMT+9.

Source: WOWOW

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YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA The 2nd ASIA LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 ~IN Singapore~

It’s only less than 2 weeks until Fukuyama AND his band come down for his tour stop in Singapore on the 18th! Below are details and write up supported by their management:

    We experienced him first at Anime Festival Asia 2009, this year for Anime Festival Asia 2010, Yoshiki Fukuyama, as part of JAM Project, rocked thehouse down. Now, he is back again, this December 18th i…n Singapore, with his F-band to give us the ultimate ‘FIRE BOMBER’ experience!

    For two and a half hours, be blown away as Yoshiki Fukuyama performs his hits, with the Fire Bomber songs taking centre stage! He took the anison industry by storm back in 1994 with the fictional rock band FIRE BOMBER from the TV anime Macross 7 and his music has continued to evolve over the years, creating his signature tone.

    The year of 2010 has been a busy one for Fukuyama with the release of his third single, 獣になれ! , and, as a member of the group, JAM Project’s tenth anniversary tour in Japan and Asia.

    Bring in the new year of 2011 with “YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA – The 2nd ASIA LIVETOUR 2010-2011’! Do not miss this special, must-see ‘live’!

    Tickets are now on sale online here

    The performance starts from 6pm – 18.12.10 – Movida, St James Power Station

    Yoshiki Fukuyama Official Site

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Perfume TOKYO DOME : illustrated ver.

Click on the picture for full size

Found a very amusing and nicely drawn summary of what the girls did at Tokyo Dome. Now, only if it comes in color… 8D

Credits due to the artist over at pixiv!

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Perfume TOKYO DOME LIVE review and clips from the news

There was a compilation of videos publicising from various news and variety shows about the girls’ Tokyo Dome live, but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, at least there’s this one.

Review of the live after the cut; credits due to Spike from Perfume City Forums; I’ve edited to suit my experience =D

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And so, I’m at roughly 20 hours until my flight, and another 20 hours before the biggest concert that Perfume has ever performed throughout their career till now. And I’ll be a part of that very experience that 50,000 other people will be experiencing. Pity the lack of funds and time to fully enjoy my trip to Tokyo, but I guess this will be one trip that I might never forget.

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Journey to Tokyo Dome

Them live tickets. Picture taken from my friend’s friend twitter account.

In exactly 1 weeks’ time, I’ll be flying across the South China Sea via Singapore Airlines bound towards Haneda Airport.

I’ll try to blog about my exprience in Japan during my trip, but I’ll have to wait until my work is done; I have a mountain-full worth!! *dies*

In any case, this trip will probably be my last overseas trip to Tokyo/Japan just for Perfume. However, I foresee I will continue to make trips to Japan, whether for anison concerts or for food. I especially enjoyed the food from Sapporo last year :D

There are many great things about this trip, even before it started.
1) I got my air tickets for a great price!
2) The place of lodging at Ikebukkuro looks great, and cheap too! Sharing a room with my friend, each of us paying no more than 4000 yen per night. Awesome.
3) The live tickets. Arena. A. Row 11. Freakin’ right in front of the main stage.
4) and I got it for 6500 yen.
5) all thanks to my friend’s help, really.

I hope I will be able to enjoy the trip and all…. this trip is practically the eye of a terribly huge storm for me. XD;


Vote for your favourite JAM Project song at AFA X


And so the organisers from AFA X would like all JAM Project fans to vote for their favourite song, to be performed at AFA X. This is one of the rare chances where fans can actually have a say as to what songs their favourite artistes are performing. Sounds cool huh? XD

To cast your vote, do head down over here!

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I love Anisong ticketing details

Click on the picture to go to the official page

Ticketing will commence via Gatecrash (last year was Sistic), and now you can purchase it via several methods, such as SAM machines, post offices as well as online! Overseas visitors need not worry, here’s a blurb that covers this:

    I’m a foreigner, how can I purchase the concert tickets?
    Tickets may be paid through credit card or Paypal. You may choose to collect the ticket through any of Gatecrash’s methods once you have reached Singapore, however, we recommend that you do the collection at the designated ticketing counter at the venue. You can do so by selecting ‘Venue Collection’ when choosing your Mode of Collection before confirming your purchase.

Which day would I support? Well, I would support both, even though my roots started from liking mecha anime, in which JAM Project has a special place in my heart =D

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Perfume’s Tokyo Dome LIVE merchandise is up for preorders!


That’s my reaction when I saw Perfume’s asmart link.

Their product designs are superb once again!

*digs wallet deep*


My favourites are the LIVE shirts, pamphlet, parka jacket – I like the black/white design better; and the towel. The strap’s quite nice too.

Any other Perfume fans getting it? hohoho~


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