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Top 5 picks at Gamestart Asia’s press conference

Image by Gamestart Asia

It is about 3 more weeks to the first proper game-centred convention in Singapore, and earlier today was the event’s second wave of announcements. But this time, the organisers invited the press and bloggers to St Games at Bugis+. So what can we expect at Gamestart? Here’s our top five highlights that were announced earlier today.

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Awesome vibes from this year’s STGCC, just from the press conference!


I’ve been to press conferences for many different events, but STGCC this year gave a very fun and casual, yet professional vibe towards the whole atmosphere of what’s to come tomorrow at Marina Bays Sands Expo.

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The Mook Headphone Festival – our audio picks

Let me put it out first – I’m not exactly one to call an audiophile. I only know the general ‘feel’ of a sound, such as clarity, soundstage, warmth, tightness of bass and depth. I don’t follow all the stats on which frequency range the headphones can go, exactly what material is best for IEMs, headphones or earphones, and the like. However, I do have my preferences, and I believe everyone have a certain sound signature they prefer. Of course, I have mine.

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Summary of STGCC : sentinel011 report

With ume giving her report mainly with vocaloid night, I shall cover the rest of the attractions.

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On the ZANEEDS DJ set at STGCC 2011


Ume here! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, university has just started for me so I’ve been busy.

If you remember the posts from several months back, where I raved deliriously about Vocaloid Night , you might guess my little routine of checking into the V_N Ustream lives every third Wednesday of the month, and also visiting mogra’s stream once in a while. I’ve developed quite the appetite for vocaloid and anisong-based dance music!


And here comes ZANEEDS, back to Singapore! They’ve had done a few DJ lives at conventions in other countries (Most recently at Anime Expo), and having heard DJ Torinos’s mixes from their website, I decided that I really wanted to hear them DJ live.

The nice thing about ZANEEDS is that they pick songs that they feel best fit the country, or the audience tastes. This makes them very suited for performances overseas, as they can deliver a general sort of all-purpose fun mix most Vocaloid fans can identify with.

So when I heard the news that STGCC would be inviting ZANEEDS for their own Vocaloid DJ night, I could hardly contain my excitement! I had the lightsticks left over from Miku Party, and they were certainly more than enough ammunition for the very first Vocaloid DJ set to be held in Singapore.

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ACME III news and other thoughts


With news finalised previously on nkds’s post early last month, said mystery guest turns out to be Suara! The first few songs from her that lead an impression to me were those from Utawarerumono. Others that were particularly memorable were songs from White album and Kimikiss.

Of course, who could forget her memorable duet with Mizuki Nana of the song ‘Shin Ai’ at Animelo 2009? Ticketing information will be available soon, but I reckon that it’ll be affordable.

Not forgetting guests, official WS player ‘The Mash’ returns our red dot of an island to attend ACME, spreading glorious ways to get yourself hooked onto Weib Schwarz, with Singapore’s largest WS tornament too date. A 200-man tourney, how about that!

Doujin aspects of ACME aren’t forgotten either. Aside from the many doujin groups hawking their pretty and awesome art on nicely created goods such as posters and artbooks, famed doujinshi PLUM will have a booth, selling exclusive merchandise at ACME! More of comiket right at your doorstep. *grin*

Local doujin group CDS will collaborate with KKnM to bring you a special Touhou doujin project titled Elysium. Dedicated Touhou fans shouldn’t miss this out!

Not to mention, KKnM will continue to bring more comiket exclusive limited goodies for all doujin-loving fans out there, so be sure to queue early to avoid disappointment!

ACME III will be held at Suntec Convention Centre, Rooms 325-326 and Foyer, moments after Summer Comiket on the 27th of August. Mark it onto your event calender already!
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Reporting from Japan!

I’ve just landed today, and spent the day going around confirming routes to get to various venues. This trip, I will be going to the Internet Independent Live Fes, and Mikupa 2011 (!!!!!!!!). I’ll try to bring as many updates as I possibly can!

For now, have some shortcake:

Picture 141

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JPlex @ RP this March; angela, FLOW, and many anime movies


Come early March (or to be precise, 4th to 6th March), JPlex, a new platform event produced by SOZO! Anime fans will be excited to see more of their favourite Japanese artistes within the next few weeks.

So what’s happening at JPlex?

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Gundam 00 Movie : A wakening of the Trailblazer thoughts


iron2000 and myself have the privilege to attend this sneak preview of the Gundam 00 movie that is to be screened starting from tomorrow onwards in Japan as well as Singapore. We were invited to share our thoughts about the movie first hand today, but first, pictures!


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Bonkurasu’s going to AFA X press conference!

The ladies in Bonpro will be attending the RSVP press conference! Wonder what guests and what sort of activities do they have this time? Hopefully the loli and the plum will bring us back some good news!

Me? I will be working at that time. =(



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