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Top 5 picks at Gamestart Asia’s press conference

Image by Gamestart Asia

It is about 3 more weeks to the first proper game-centred convention in Singapore, and earlier today was the event’s second wave of announcements. But this time, the organisers invited the press and bloggers to St Games at Bugis+. So what can we expect at Gamestart? Here’s our top five highlights that were announced earlier today.

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Ways for Destiny to appeal to the Japanese/Asian market

With the short week-long alpha launch of Destiny last week during E3, much of the elements within the gameplay look very promising. Of course, Bungie also announced that a PC version isn’t completely off the radar, so that would naturally be my choice of platform for any kind of First Person Shooter game.

A couple of months ago, Bungie announced that they’ll be spending US$500,000,000 (that’s five hundred million for those who can’t count the zeroes) for Destiny’s projected 10-year life cycle, which include everything from development to marketing and the like. That is a lot of money, probably more than World of Warcraft has ever invested in thus far, and definitely more than GTA V.

Since this is mainly a Japanese sub-culture blog, I’ll talk about the elements that may work with the Japanese and Asian market when it comes to content.

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Sony Playstation 4 media preview

And so the glorious PS4 has set foot on Singapore!

Well, almost. I managed to gather up a media invitation from the PR department (sweet!) and test some games.

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Hideo Kojima speaks up for blatantly having MGS V characters to be “more erotic”

Last week’s STGCC was superb and fun, but I will get back to a proper report over the weekend.

Instead, today I will write about a recent twitter post about Hideo Kojima’s outburst to have his designers create Metal Gear Solid V’s characters to be more erotic.

What I’m going to talk about is how cosplayers are already doing what Kojima pointed out, and simply giving what the fans want.

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PS Vita will be awesome if it has these functions

Gamescom 2013 is currently under way, with the Playstation 4 announced to release in the US on November 15, and November 29 at Europe. No word on the rest of the world (especially Singapore), but here’s to hoping it will be nearer towards US’ date instead of Europe’s. After all, most of the game releases mirror that of US’ dates.

One of the major announcements Sony made during their follow-up press conference from E3 earlier in June was the price cut on their current generation consoles, PS3 and the PS Vita. Each of these consoles will retail for SGD$299 (announced USD$199 at gamescom press conference). PS Vita’s wifi-only and 3G + Wifi units will retail at the same price, and these new prices will take effect from this Friday onwards.

Showcasing the PS Vita’s seamless transition from the PS4 controller to the Vita via remote play function as Assassin’s Creed IV was being played probably does help in boosting sales, but many can’t help but feel that the Vita is mirroring the WiiU touchscreen controller’s functions.

So here’s what I think the PS Vita will surely benefit in improving its gaming experience with these apps. Granted that it may never happen due to a considerable amount of development costs and time, not to mention that these functions may put off people who don’t own a Vita.

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GTA online looking spiffy, here’s to hoping GTA V will port to the PC

I’ll be frank here – I hate the clunkiness of the controls of GTA 4 as well as its DLCs. But the upcoming GTA V blew me away when it released a teaser video of the game’s features and functions. The way it is played reminds me of Max Payne 3’s, which I really like. I have not played Red Dead Redemption yet, but from the stuff I’ve seen, it looks pretty similar.

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List of yet-released games to play by 2014


2013 has been a wonderful year for AAA games as well as indie games. For one, major console platforms have recognized indie games to be fairly profitable for them, many of which are both fun and affordable. From now till the beginning of 2014, here’s the list of games I’m looking forward to get my grubby hands on… eventually.

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Nendoroid RPG coming to PSP!?

Surfing around when I caught sight of this article on Siliconera.

Tried sniffing around on the webs but it seems like its really early info and most blogs seem to only have the same info.

EDIT: Didn’t keep a lookout but a day after Famitsu did a post with pictures:
Famitsu post

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Ultrastar : PC version of Singstar


As an otaku/anime fan, you can be sure that you spent a decent amount of your childhood trying to sing them anime song opening and ending themes. When Singstar was available for the Playstation 2 and 3, I was very sure that they wouldn’t include anime theme songs as they were unpopular, and Singstar caters mostly to the English pop crowd. The only alternative would be to sing at karaoke boxes with relatively decent song titles. But what if you want to sing, yet want to remain cost effective?

With this freeware PC variant which started 4 years back, several fans made a decent amount of songs for the like-minded, with a fairly nice and intuitive interface.

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Jubeat Plus for the iPad


I saw this one coming! The iPad is probably the most ideal platform for a Jubeat port, and Konami, with their money-spinning ways, have picked up on this and will be releasing an app for the iPad starting tomorrow, for 450 yen.

The app will come with three pre-installed songs (William Tell Overture, Snow Goose and Sweet Rain), and will come with extra music packs, just as Namco has done for their iPhone Taiko no Tatsujin application.

If you have an iPad, pick this one up and save yourself some dollars from going to the arcade! It looks like a good way to kill time too.

Source: Famitsu (Article here)

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