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Gundam Build Fighters – should purist Gundam fans watch it?


From the get-go, I’ll say very truthfully that I’m a Universal Century purist. While I have watched (or read) pretty much every Gundam series released to date, I hardly appreciate any Alternate Century stories.

Many would be familiar with Gunpla building as my hobby, and while Gundam Build Fighters is neither UC nor AC, it does have an interesting premise of its own.

Allow me to dive into the details (partially mentioning on what Bandai could possibly hope to do with this series).

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And so I’m back to Gunpla…

Anime-related stuff and Perfume fangasms have dominated Bonkurasu for most of the part, but there’s another hobby that I’m deeply involved since I was 10. And now that I have finally gotten myself an airbrush, compressor and converting at least 70% of my old kits into kitbash parts, I’m all ready to create some really unique interpretations of Mobile Suits in their various timelines.

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Gundam AGE: Bandai Namco Press Release

Experience points!!!

Here is some info from the press release PDF.
Don’t want to do a full translation so I will just pick out the important points.

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Gundam AGE: PV and Website

Here’s the first PV of the new Gundam series, AGE!
Also the website which just opened today:

The post will be updated as I translate.Finished.
Rough translations after the jump.

[Update] New pic and video at post end.

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New age Gundam – Gundam AGE

Silhouette no more!!
An overused image, lol :P

A few days ago the above silhouette is revealed with an anouncement of a new Gundam anime. Just yesterday scans from Coro Coro Comic were released on the web with information on this new series “Gundam AGE”.

Rough translation of the scans after the jump.
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Gundam Unicorn Episode 03 Teaser clip

It has been out for quite some time, thought that I’d share the joy for fellow Gundam fans out there. =D

The movie’s out on March 5th 2011. I hope there will be another screening like what they did for episode 02 in Singapore! *drools*

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Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: movie screening

This is one news I have to post.

So it looks like Bugis’ BHG departmental store is having an awesome promotion with every $30 purchase of gunpla, limited to this week only! tickets are limited to the first 100 who hits that criteria, so hurry down! The screening’s this coming Saturday, so fellow local gunotas (and maybe some Malaysians as well, who knows :D) and I have no idea this promotion has been going on for the past week already @_@ gogogogooooooooo

(For any gunota, a simple purchase of any MG would hit the jackpot =DDD)

Oh yes I was looking at comments on Bandai’s facebook page – those tickets cost almost 30 bucks back in Japan, and we get to watch it with subtitles, just by paying what you usually pay for your routine gunpla shopping. I’d say the 30 bucks well spent. *grins* Buy ticket, free gunpla? o_o~

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Upcoming ‘new’ Sangokuden items

Looks familiar..hey wait..

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Gundam 00 Movie : A wakening of the Trailblazer thoughts


iron2000 and myself have the privilege to attend this sneak preview of the Gundam 00 movie that is to be screened starting from tomorrow onwards in Japan as well as Singapore. We were invited to share our thoughts about the movie first hand today, but first, pictures!


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At the Gundam Fiesta

“Shoo! Never seen a MS undergoing maintenance before?”

Probably not a long post.
Thought I should write something about this :P

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