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Master Grade Red Warrior TYPE-S build log [PART 2]

My Red Warrior’s pretty much done a long time ago, so I’m just gonna share the photo album. Just click here to view!


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Weekday Gunpla workshops for the June holidays


Yesterday’s workshop was met with great response! As a result, I have decided to hold additional workshops on weekdays for students and those who are having school holidays.

Weekday lessons include the following:

Basics of sanding
– introduction: experience of gunpla for each applicant
– introduction and demonstration on various grit grades for which application
– practice session for all applicants
– assessment

Basics of part modification and adjustment
– introduction: gates, sprues and its uses for broken or lost parts, and the use of plastic cement
– demonstration of sharpening of blades and v-fins
– practice of sharpening of blades and v-fins
– assessment of sharpening of blades and v-fins

It will be a two-hour session from 1pm to 3pm for weekdays (Mon/Wed).
Fee: SGD10
Location: Tampines
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Things to bring: your kit, basic tools (if any)
Tools: Craft Knife, Sandpaper

The weekday workshop begins tomorrow, and will last till June 30 (Monday). Book your slot via email at!


Aside from workshops, I also provide Gunpla assembly and painting services!
Basic kit service
(1/144 HG/SD – S$150, 1/100 – S$180, RG/MG – S$200-S$300, PG – up to S$700)
– Full colour paint of original kit colours
– basic modding (Sanding of all parts, sharpening V-fins)
– panel lining
– matt topcoat

Additional rates:
– Decaling + S$30 – S$50
– Custom colour scheme + S$20 – S$50
– usage of metallic/clear colours + S$10 per colour
– weathering + S$10-S$50 depending on requirements
*Take note that I don’t do army camouflage or pixel camouflage colour schemes. Rates do not include the price of commissioned kits.

All applicants for my workshops will automatically be entitled for a S$50 discount on their first kit commission!

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Gunpla Tips – 5 things you should take note

The fairly recent end of Gundam Build Fighters and its upcoming Season 2 announcement revived many Gundam fans’ passion for Gunpla. Gundam Unicorn’s finale also contributed to that.

So you went to pick up a kit on your favourite Mobile Suit, fixed it up, and wondered why it didn’t turn out what you have expected. You went online for some tips, but simply cannot understand all that jargon. Here are five tips that all Gunpla builders should take note.
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Gunpla Workshop


Long time readers will know that I have plenty of experience in building Gunpla.

Well, this is your chance to apply the skills I have learnt in the past 19 years to your Gunpla.

I am offering a workshop for all aspiring gunpla builders. New to the hobby and want to know how to create super nice diorama? Already in the hobby but want to know more techniques? Please come and tap on my 19-year Gunpla building experience. You will definitely take home something new to apply to your Gunpla!

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BB Legends: A deeper look at Knight Unicorn Gundam


Hope you have read the first part that touched on the abilities of this new kid in the Saddrac World.

Alright now this next part will touch on his past and his present.

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BB Legends: A look at Knight Unicorn Gundam

Picture source

The newest entry to the Legend BB model kit series just got released in Japan! Whats special about it is that its a totally new character, all the Legend BB kits before are old established characters.

That caught my attention so I decided to ‘dig’ into this character.

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Gundam Build Fighters – should purist Gundam fans watch it?


From the get-go, I’ll say very truthfully that I’m a Universal Century purist. While I have watched (or read) pretty much every Gundam series released to date, I hardly appreciate any Alternate Century stories.

Many would be familiar with Gunpla building as my hobby, and while Gundam Build Fighters is neither UC nor AC, it does have an interesting premise of its own.

Allow me to dive into the details (partially mentioning on what Bandai could possibly hope to do with this series).

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Gunpla Mod – Pacific Rim’s Gipsy Danger


So it is known that Pacific Rim’s director Guillermo Del Toro is quite the otaku. Having referenced several mecha designs for the movie from the Super Robot and Real Robot genres (Super Robot Wars fans will understand these terms ;D), I am hyped up to do my own version. With the spare Gunpla parts I have.

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And so I’m back to Gunpla…

Anime-related stuff and Perfume fangasms have dominated Bonkurasu for most of the part, but there’s another hobby that I’m deeply involved since I was 10. And now that I have finally gotten myself an airbrush, compressor and converting at least 70% of my old kits into kitbash parts, I’m all ready to create some really unique interpretations of Mobile Suits in their various timelines.

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Gundam AGE: Bandai Namco Press Release

Experience points!!!

Here is some info from the press release PDF.
Don’t want to do a full translation so I will just pick out the important points.

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