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Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: movie screening

This is one news I have to post.

So it looks like Bugis’ BHG departmental store is having an awesome promotion with every $30 purchase of gunpla, limited to this week only! tickets are limited to the first 100 who hits that criteria, so hurry down! The screening’s this coming Saturday, so fellow local gunotas (and maybe some Malaysians as well, who knows :D) and I have no idea this promotion has been going on for the past week already @_@ gogogogooooooooo

(For any gunota, a simple purchase of any MG would hit the jackpot =DDD)

Oh yes I was looking at comments on Bandai’s facebook page – those tickets cost almost 30 bucks back in Japan, and we get to watch it with subtitles, just by paying what you usually pay for your routine gunpla shopping. I’d say the 30 bucks well spent. *grins* Buy ticket, free gunpla? o_o~

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1/144 XN 00 Raiser and 00 Quan[T]

I generally like melee-type mobile suits, especially if they end up being Gundams. Both designs appeal to me, and here I am, sharing a very short photo review of both kits.

Generally very simple builds, with hardly any masking to do; though I encountered a problem of which the backpack’s joint gave way, and had to scratchbuild a 2 piece peg-hole joint, albeit a little loose.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. More after the cut!


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Sangokuden News: Compatible kit…

Click for big
Click for bigger view

A quick update here.
I’m sure most Sangokuden fans has gotten news of the upcoming kit-bundled LE version of the DS game.

Just went to the offical site and noticed something, thought I should share it.

From the last line in the yellow text, it seem to say that they will come with ‘display-use body’ (ディスプレイ用素体).

Then further down at the last point of the white text, it seem to say that the ‘display-use body’ does not have moveable joints and to obtain moveable joints use the body of BBW018 Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam.

Kind of feels like a conversion kit :P


Gunpla updates from NGT Factory and Wonderexcellence

Ever since my conversion into a PC-otaku happened about 2 months back, I haven’t really been blogging much about gunpla, if at all for this year. Hence today’s post on the two Pla-modellers from Japan.

First in the line is keita’s (Wonderexcellence) SD Banshee.

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Figure Fun: Hoi-chan 'update'

A quick short ‘update’ on Hoi-chan:

Notice something different?

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Figure Fun: Hoi-chan ‘update’

A quick short ‘update’ on Hoi-chan:

Notice something different?

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Figure Fun: Closer…


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Gunpla and Figurine updates – March 2010

This month’s picks will have both Gunpla as well as figurines. Too troublesome to keep them separated into 2 posts.

First up, figurines!

From a certain Miyazawa Mokei event featured on mikatan’s blog.
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Sangokuden News: Sangokuden Fiesta @ Northpoint

The display area (Gundam Workshop is behind displays to the left)

Made my way down to the Sangokuden Fiesta last Wednesday after being remindered by LEon’s comment in the 12 weapons post.

The picture up there is what I saw as I enter the atrium of the mall.

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Sangokuden News: Twelve Weapons

Not sure if I’m late or not but I just found out about this today.
The 12 weapons campaign item has hit the shores of SG…

they are here!
The 12 weapons that has been talked about since last year.

Finally its out but the catch this time is $100 worth of Sangokuden kits for a full set of the 12 weapons. Thats what was on the printout shown at the hobby store. I asked the lady boss of the shop and she said that other methods can be one Sangokuden kit for one random weapon or deposit $100 then over 4 months buy the ‘new’ Sangokuden kits for the set.

“Stock up” on extra kits for the weapons? Dive into the “Shin” series?
My wallet is crying T^T

Anyway I got the book for the Sangokuden finale, will start on it soon.


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