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Project Diva Arcade gets Version A, Location Tests in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

The fact that it’s coming to Singapore excites me greatly, but I’ll start from the update.

Version A brings us a new interface, and for starters, five new songs. The new interface places the song list in a vertical row, like in the older Dance Dance Revolution games.

Hell yeah, Kocchi Muite Baby!

The five new songs announced for the location test are:

-カラフル×メロディ Colorful Melody – Music & Lyrics by ちーむMOER
-カンタレラ Canterella – Music & Lyrics by WhiteFlame(黒うさP)
-Change me – Music & Lyrics by shu-t
-こっち向いて Baby Kocchi Muite Baby – Music & Lyrics by ryo
-ロミオとシンデレラ Romeo to Cinderella – Music & Lyrics by doriko

As you can see, these are songs from Project Diva 2nd, so we can expect more songs to come soon :D I’m personally hoping for Deco*27’s Aikotoba and Lovely P’s VOiCE.

More details on the Project Diva blog here

And this time, the location test will be held not just in Japan, but in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore! See the full list of locations here – The location test in Singapore starts at an unannounced date in February, so it’s time to refresh that Zone X page and hope for an announcement soon.

On an ending note, since the tests here will start in February, there is a good chance that we will also get the spanking new shiny Snow Miku module, to be released on the 31st of January in commemoration of the 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


WOWOW to air Countdown Japan 10/11 in February

One of Japan’s cable TV channel WOWOW will be airing Countdown Japan 10/11, with only the hottest artistes performing on that night. Perfume performs for Countdown Japan yet again, with the set list as follows:

    M1 ねぇ
    M2 ワンルーム・ディスコ
    M3 VOICE
    M4 マカロニ
    M5 The best thing
    M6 Puppy love
    M7 ポリリズム

A special digest version will air on 11th Feb (Fri) midnight GMT+9, and the full version will air on 18th Feb (Fri) 1710hrs GMT+9.

Source: WOWOW

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Animelo Shanghai plans up again!


Animelo surprised us yesterday with news of their Shanghai gig being off from hiatus planning! Below are the following details:

    Title: Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-
    Date: 19 FEB 2011 (SAT)
    Venue: 上海大舞台
    Performing artistes: ALI PROJECT、遠藤正明、奥井雅美、おれパラ(岩田光央、小野大輔、鈴村健一、森久保祥太郎)、影山ヒロノブ、きただにひろし、JAM Project、福山芳樹、May’n
    Tickets on sale from 20 DEC 2010


More details can be found here. *In Japanese

As much as I want to, I couldn’t. Blew my budget due to my recent Tokyo Dome trip *weeps*

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YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA The 2nd ASIA LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 ~IN Singapore~

It’s only less than 2 weeks until Fukuyama AND his band come down for his tour stop in Singapore on the 18th! Below are details and write up supported by their management:

    We experienced him first at Anime Festival Asia 2009, this year for Anime Festival Asia 2010, Yoshiki Fukuyama, as part of JAM Project, rocked thehouse down. Now, he is back again, this December 18th i…n Singapore, with his F-band to give us the ultimate ‘FIRE BOMBER’ experience!

    For two and a half hours, be blown away as Yoshiki Fukuyama performs his hits, with the Fire Bomber songs taking centre stage! He took the anison industry by storm back in 1994 with the fictional rock band FIRE BOMBER from the TV anime Macross 7 and his music has continued to evolve over the years, creating his signature tone.

    The year of 2010 has been a busy one for Fukuyama with the release of his third single, 獣になれ! , and, as a member of the group, JAM Project’s tenth anniversary tour in Japan and Asia.

    Bring in the new year of 2011 with “YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA – The 2nd ASIA LIVETOUR 2010-2011’! Do not miss this special, must-see ‘live’!

    Tickets are now on sale online here

    The performance starts from 6pm – 18.12.10 – Movida, St James Power Station

    Yoshiki Fukuyama Official Site

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Tie-ups and possibly more???

AFA X had a second press conference today, and well, what made me very excited was a very possible JAM PROJECT + ANIKI DUET!!!!


    “Jam Project and Ichirou Mizuki will be having a special performance together in AFA X !”

^Taken from sgcafe, one of AFA X’s online media partners.

Super Robot fans will rejoice, as this is one of the rare times Aniki and JAM Project ever performed live together! Shedding manly tears now brb.



Now that I’m all rather calm and sober, which song do you think they might perform? Personally I am voting for Stormbringer, though. Pretty hot-blooded song, fairly new too. =D There are many songs that they could possibly collaborate, such as Soultaker, Hagane no Messiah… etc etc.

Oh Oh, not to miss on is angela performing with Soukyuu no Fafner visuals. Nostalgia will definitely hit the anime fan, especially those who caught the anime. In fact, angela’s song for the OP of the anime probably propelled it to be more famous and awesome than it’s supposed to be originally.

So to all angela fans, please grab your towels! Bring one with you, or maybe you could possibly buy one at AFA Shop, who knows?

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ZANEEDS is coming to AFA!

Any Mikutronica listener who knows their Ps would have heard of PaipanP, composer for the unit ZANEEDS. This is probably the first time a vocaloid producer will be featured in an local event, and is much cause for excitement!

If you haven’t heard his work yet, give this a try. PaipanP makes house/acid jazz music, usually using Hatsune Miku. Iei~

Kono hitogoroshii~ iei~

Also part of ZANEEDS is illustrator CHANXCO, who most vocaloid fans will probably recognize by his distinctive clean and cute super-deformed art. Although it is not confirmed whether all of ZANEEDS will be coming down, its something worth keeping my fingers crossed for.

Another announcement made today at the media update was the invitation of DJ/fortune telling group Not For Sale, and the leader of Not For Sale (Ookubo Jun) happens to be involved in ZANEEDS too!

Ah, and if you were wondering why PaipanP is named PaipanP, this song is your answer.

Less than a month to AFA!

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Perfume “Nee” Single Covers

“Nee” Promo Picture

nee nee nee nee, kyou wa doko ni ikou kana?

nee nee nee nee, kyou wa doko ni ikou kana?

Single covers and more after the jump.

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Perfume’s new single ‘Nee’ CM and Natural Beauty Basic tie-up


The girls have done it again, this time by ‘photostatting’ themselves in their new PV as well as their weirdest introduction ever! You’ll need to watch the video for yourself, and enjoy while you’re at it XD

Also, more information such as their limited 2 weeks wallpapers, clips of commercials etc can be found at meirin’s post at Perfume City over here!

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Perfume 12th Major Single

Perfume’s  3rd SINGLE of 2010

2010/11/10(Wed) Release!!
â– Limited Edition (CD+DVD) TKCA-73620 ï¿¥1,300 (tax in)
â– Regular Edition (CD) TKCA-73625 ï¿¥1,000 (tax in)


1.ねぇ (Romaji: Nee / English: Hey)
3.ねぇ -Original Instrumental-
4.FAKE IT -Original Instrumental-

1.ねぇ -Video Clip-

※Tie-up news will be released later
※Details need to be finalized first。

Hell yeah. This was unexpected for me, because it’s announced so late. There’s only one month to go, can’t wait~
“Nee” is such a cute title, while FAKE IT sounds totally edgy and i’d like to hear a hard techno song!
And tie-ups! Yay!

Perfume will definitely be performing this at Tokyo Dome. In fact, the reason why another single is being released so soon is probably due to Tokyo Dome; they try to give the fans something new(well yeah, there’s the yet-to-be-performed 575 too).

Awaiting another awesome PV and amazing outfits!


Capsule Jumper LIVE at ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2010

Toshiko is so hot ♥

ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2010 was held from August 6-8, and aired at channel WOWOW (digest special) on 22nd August; the respective days were 23-25 August. More information on the event can be found at their wiki page in English.

My only complaint about capsule’s performance? The dancers were distracting.

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