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Latest Madoka Magica trailer comes with animated footage!

And thus the Hidamari vibes have doubled! From the trailer, you can also hear a snippet of the opening theme, Connect by ClariS.

Also, I will be in Japan for two weeks starting this coming Monday, and will try to update as often as possible during my trip. In the meantime, I’ll be busy preparing!

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Animelo Shanghai plans up again!


Animelo surprised us yesterday with news of their Shanghai gig being off from hiatus planning! Below are the following details:

    Title: Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-
    Date: 19 FEB 2011 (SAT)
    Venue: 上海大舞台
    Performing artistes: ALI PROJECT、遠藤正明、奥井雅美、おれパラ(岩田光央、小野大輔、鈴村健一、森久保祥太郎)、影山ヒロノブ、きただにひろし、JAM Project、福山芳樹、May’n
    Tickets on sale from 20 DEC 2010


More details can be found here. *In Japanese

As much as I want to, I couldn’t. Blew my budget due to my recent Tokyo Dome trip *weeps*

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YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA The 2nd ASIA LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 ~IN Singapore~

It’s only less than 2 weeks until Fukuyama AND his band come down for his tour stop in Singapore on the 18th! Below are details and write up supported by their management:

    We experienced him first at Anime Festival Asia 2009, this year for Anime Festival Asia 2010, Yoshiki Fukuyama, as part of JAM Project, rocked thehouse down. Now, he is back again, this December 18th i…n Singapore, with his F-band to give us the ultimate ‘FIRE BOMBER’ experience!

    For two and a half hours, be blown away as Yoshiki Fukuyama performs his hits, with the Fire Bomber songs taking centre stage! He took the anison industry by storm back in 1994 with the fictional rock band FIRE BOMBER from the TV anime Macross 7 and his music has continued to evolve over the years, creating his signature tone.

    The year of 2010 has been a busy one for Fukuyama with the release of his third single, 獣になれ! , and, as a member of the group, JAM Project’s tenth anniversary tour in Japan and Asia.

    Bring in the new year of 2011 with “YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA – The 2nd ASIA LIVETOUR 2010-2011’! Do not miss this special, must-see ‘live’!

    Tickets are now on sale online here

    The performance starts from 6pm – 18.12.10 – Movida, St James Power Station

    Yoshiki Fukuyama Official Site

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Gundam Unicorn Episode 03 Teaser clip

It has been out for quite some time, thought that I’d share the joy for fellow Gundam fans out there. =D

The movie’s out on March 5th 2011. I hope there will be another screening like what they did for episode 02 in Singapore! *drools*

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Jubeat Plus for the iPad


I saw this one coming! The iPad is probably the most ideal platform for a Jubeat port, and Konami, with their money-spinning ways, have picked up on this and will be releasing an app for the iPad starting tomorrow, for 450 yen.

The app will come with three pre-installed songs (William Tell Overture, Snow Goose and Sweet Rain), and will come with extra music packs, just as Namco has done for their iPhone Taiko no Tatsujin application.

If you have an iPad, pick this one up and save yourself some dollars from going to the arcade! It looks like a good way to kill time too.

Source: Famitsu (Article here)

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Perfume TOKYO DOME LIVE review and clips from the news

There was a compilation of videos publicising from various news and variety shows about the girls’ Tokyo Dome live, but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, at least there’s this one.

Review of the live after the cut; credits due to Spike from Perfume City Forums; I’ve edited to suit my experience =D

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Madoka Magica Staff Comments


Picture from AkibaOS (@AkibaOS)
You’ve probably heard of this new SHAFT project by now, with its strange (but winning) combination of creators, and the one factor who promises to bring them all together, Akiyuki Shinbo. Having been jokingly called “Chidamari Sketch (血だまりスケッチ) because of the strange pairing of Aoki Ume (Author of Hidamari Sketch, a laid-back slice of life story with extremely cute characters) , and Urobuchi Gen (Best known as the main scenario writer of Nitro+ works Saya no Uta and Phantom), Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica may be the next great thing out of SHAFT.

Details are yet to be released, but the website has been launched yesterday, announcing the addition of composer Kajiura Yuki and Kishida Takahiro to the already-stellar lineup. Also on the site are comments from the staff, which follow after the jump.

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Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: movie screening

This is one news I have to post.

So it looks like Bugis’ BHG departmental store is having an awesome promotion with every $30 purchase of gunpla, limited to this week only! tickets are limited to the first 100 who hits that criteria, so hurry down! The screening’s this coming Saturday, so fellow local gunotas (and maybe some Malaysians as well, who knows :D) and I have no idea this promotion has been going on for the past week already @_@ gogogogooooooooo

(For any gunota, a simple purchase of any MG would hit the jackpot =DDD)

Oh yes I was looking at comments on Bandai’s facebook page – those tickets cost almost 30 bucks back in Japan, and we get to watch it with subtitles, just by paying what you usually pay for your routine gunpla shopping. I’d say the 30 bucks well spent. *grins* Buy ticket, free gunpla? o_o~

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Tie-ups and possibly more???

AFA X had a second press conference today, and well, what made me very excited was a very possible JAM PROJECT + ANIKI DUET!!!!


    “Jam Project and Ichirou Mizuki will be having a special performance together in AFA X !”

^Taken from sgcafe, one of AFA X’s online media partners.

Super Robot fans will rejoice, as this is one of the rare times Aniki and JAM Project ever performed live together! Shedding manly tears now brb.



Now that I’m all rather calm and sober, which song do you think they might perform? Personally I am voting for Stormbringer, though. Pretty hot-blooded song, fairly new too. =D There are many songs that they could possibly collaborate, such as Soultaker, Hagane no Messiah… etc etc.

Oh Oh, not to miss on is angela performing with Soukyuu no Fafner visuals. Nostalgia will definitely hit the anime fan, especially those who caught the anime. In fact, angela’s song for the OP of the anime probably propelled it to be more famous and awesome than it’s supposed to be originally.

So to all angela fans, please grab your towels! Bring one with you, or maybe you could possibly buy one at AFA Shop, who knows?

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AFA X’s Q&A panel for Kana-chan and KANAME/aira


Have burning questions to ask kana-chan and the Japanese guest cosplayers, Kaname☆ and -aira-? Now you can reach them, and have a chance to get your questions answered during their stage segments!


Some of you might have known from AFA X’s facebook that aira is coming! Well known for her cosplays as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier as well as Mio from K-on recently, her appearance at AFA X this year will definitely draw guys to the event like how KANAME☆ did last year, for the girls at least. 8D

Links to the QnA are here for Hanazawa Kana and here for KANAME☆/-aira-.


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