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The REAL budget level guide to enjoying Tokyo for Singaporeans


I’ve done plenty of solo trips in the last couple of years – my last trip in 2013 was 21 days, SGD$2000 all inclusive. Went to 3 concerts, partied twice, ate comfortably too. While travelling on an extreme budget may seem like a dream to some cash strapped people, but it sure isn’t enjoyable, as it is a waste of time.
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I’m 30! Reflections time

For those who know me personally, I turned 30 about a month ago. Yes, a milestone in my life where my career should be taking off by now.

But let’s go away from such things and focus on my journey to my hobbies, shall we?
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Master Grade Red Warrior TYPE-S build log [PART 1]

So after watching the latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try last week, Meijin Kawaguchi III’s custom mobile suit, the Amazing Red Warrior appeared. Since I lack the cash to purchase the kit, not to mention the kit’s not even out yet, I dug out my trove of Gunpla parts and kits within my wardrobe to create my own version of the Red Warrior, in Master Grade form.

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Perfume live overseas – thoughts and input


The recent MAMA, or Mnet Asia Music Awards, instigated this post to be up. Perhaps ‘instigated’ is too strong a word, maybe ‘coerced’ would be a better term. XD

Nevertheless, this post is about how potentially a Perfume live may or may not come to be to the rest of the world outside of Japan.

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Anyone up for some Perfume Tokyo Dome screening?


As most Perfume fans already know, there was a TV broadcast of Perfume’s Tokyo Dome performance recently. So in effort to promote more awareness, as well as… erm, collectively fanboying/fangirling while watching their Tokyo Dome performance, I have decided to organise a screening session for this very purpose.

Depending on the amount of interested participants, the final location varies. Also, do state the date your comfortable with. Preferably in the month of December. If the turnout is good enough, I might be able to hold it at a Community Centre’s auditorium, preferably centralised area for the benefit of everyone. Though that might amount to a small cost incurred, as booking the auditorium requires money. Each person will most likely pay not more than 5 bucks.

Personally I’ll be busy on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 11th and 14th, 30th and 31st of December.

I’ll bring some of my live goods out as well, if anyone wishes to have a look. Note that I will not be bringing any CDs out, as most of them are still sealed – I’m a collector that way.

Do comment if you are interested!

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And introducing…*drumroll*



Oh hai thar.

I’m not used to doing introductions without giving away my real name, so this is weird. Anyway, I’m a freshman at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, studying Mass Communications. I’m part of the Japanese club which is real slack, but i’m still busy thanks to projects and assignments being piled on by my very nice lecturers, and also I currently work part-time at a clinic(not for much longer, hooray).

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GEEK ALERT: back to basics – PC hardware love

I’ve not been updating much lately, although the gunpla and figurine news in the Holy “Motherland” in Japan has been quite nice lately due to the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show and all. MG The-O to finally release after all but 8 years of “planning”, as well as marked improvements in the figurine mold industry. Not to mention Chogokin gets a new overhaul line with ‘effect’ parts.

(Most of the above can be found at Ngee Khiong’s blog – do check it out; and google for his site)

Now back to business; the main reason why I wasn’t preoccupied with updating this blog was that I got in touch with my first interest/hobby, mainly PCs. I had my first PC when I was 5, shared with my elder brother, no less. PC gaming was in my blood, with mentions of KARATEKA(?) still in my head.

Though by no means it was competitive.

But anyway, having my very own PC clashed with another hobby of mine – Cosplay. Cosplay took precedence, as in my adolescence, making new friends in person while being involved in a hobby proved a more interesting territory.

From this……
… this.

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JLPT3 Results

The letter came this morning, and effectively killed my appetite for breakfast.

Posting pictures as they were on Twitter!


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Anime blogging – why and for what, exactly?

Here’s the next ‘serious’ article from me – why do people create anime blogs, and blog about anime in general. I’ll start on what I’ve observed amongst local bloggers here.

There are several types of “anime bloggers”, namely:
– Those who blog for fun or as a past time/hobby;
– Those that blog for fame, bragging rights and ‘e-penor’;
– Those that want to make a quick buck by using their blogs as a means of income;
– Those who blog to gain acceptance with the community that they like;
– Those that love to stir unrest amongst people;
– and finally, those who blog to express their views and thought in general, with anime being one of the topics they blog about

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About Cardboard crack, Loveplus and Time machines.

This post is a random rant about my recent life. Read more