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The Mook Headphone Festival – our audio picks

Let me put it out first – I’m not exactly one to call an audiophile. I only know the general ‘feel’ of a sound, such as clarity, soundstage, warmth, tightness of bass and depth. I don’t follow all the stats on which frequency range the headphones can go, exactly what material is best for IEMs, headphones or earphones, and the like. However, I do have my preferences, and I believe everyone have a certain sound signature they prefer. Of course, I have mine.

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Figure Fun: The new guy

He ponders over the reason of he being here…

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Figure Fun: The new guy…

So who is the new guy?

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Random ramblings and utterly belated updates

This is, first and foremost, a random post on what’s in store for local anime fans and for myself. It involves AFA’s press preview conference on what has been confirmed last month (told you it’s utterly belated) and speculations for upcoming guests and information that will be revealed by the next few weeks, as well as my own ‘obsession’ on going for Perfume’s live concerts.

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ACME III news and other thoughts


With news finalised previously on nkds’s post early last month, said mystery guest turns out to be Suara! The first few songs from her that lead an impression to me were those from Utawarerumono. Others that were particularly memorable were songs from White album and Kimikiss.

Of course, who could forget her memorable duet with Mizuki Nana of the song ‘Shin Ai’ at Animelo 2009? Ticketing information will be available soon, but I reckon that it’ll be affordable.

Not forgetting guests, official WS player ‘The Mash’ returns our red dot of an island to attend ACME, spreading glorious ways to get yourself hooked onto Weib Schwarz, with Singapore’s largest WS tornament too date. A 200-man tourney, how about that!

Doujin aspects of ACME aren’t forgotten either. Aside from the many doujin groups hawking their pretty and awesome art on nicely created goods such as posters and artbooks, famed doujinshi PLUM will have a booth, selling exclusive merchandise at ACME! More of comiket right at your doorstep. *grin*

Local doujin group CDS will collaborate with KKnM to bring you a special Touhou doujin project titled Elysium. Dedicated Touhou fans shouldn’t miss this out!

Not to mention, KKnM will continue to bring more comiket exclusive limited goodies for all doujin-loving fans out there, so be sure to queue early to avoid disappointment!

ACME III will be held at Suntec Convention Centre, Rooms 325-326 and Foyer, moments after Summer Comiket on the 27th of August. Mark it onto your event calender already!
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A piece of Persona on the desktop


Just finished my reworked version of a Persona 4 HUD for Rainmeter, thought I’d post something to spread the news :P

Besides having a Settings dialog for easy configuration, there is also the support for Styles. Styles are used to skin the config and anyone can make a Style.

Ok, anymore and this will sound like a product description :P
Anyway below are the links if anyone wants to try the Rainmeter config:
P4 HUD Extended
P4 HUD Extended – Style Pack
P3mix for P4 HUD Extended [NEW! ;p]

Be sure to download and install Rainmeter first!

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Happy 22nd Birthday to a-chan!


Many fans have noticed that a-chan has become much beautiful over the past year, even amongst other artistes as well!

May a-chan continue to have another fruitful year ahead, and buy many more pajamas for her collection!

P.S: With Tokyo Dome conquered, what else brings for Perfume, especially a-chan? Could a chance of an overseas live follow up? Hopefully time would tell.

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Figure Fun: Final bike…

New year, new bike…

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Top 3 costumes of Perfume in 2010

First off, I’d like to wish all Bonkurasu readers a Happy New Year and a great 2011 to come!


And with that, a post to commemorate 3 of my favourite Perfume costumes in their respective categories.

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Figure Fun: The TV


So whats on TV this Christmas?

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