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Figure Fun: Somethings happening

Somethings happening down there…
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Bonkurasu’s VA debut!

We haven’t had any jobs coming in recently here at BonPro, but today I am glad to reveal that Ume (unloli), Senti (Sen-chan!) and Shia (The real loli) will be casted as themselves in Circle Teruteru’s new game.


Check out the site here! Good things may happen if you click on BonPro’s picture in the “Characters” section!

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[Japan – Day 4 and 5] Christmas?

A merry Kud christmas to all

The previous two nights were spent watching late night Christmas SPs on TV till early in the morning (Capsule and Perfume were on the same programme, which made me very happy :3), hence I shall lump the updates meant to be posted over Christmas into this one post.

On to Day 4!

I’m loving the bentos here. They still taste good cold, and this particular one was pretty cheap (Less than 500yen).

After breakfast, we took the Tsukuba Express to the second land of financial abyss: Akihabara.

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[Japan – Day 3] Lucky Star is Serious Business

Spent the day at Washinomiya today. Got lost looking for the train station on the way back.

Legs! Dying!

I’ll probably make this post as quick as possible. Need to rest in order to prepare for tomorrow, too.

Starting from the very beginning again, we had breakfast at another random eatery. I ordered a rather large set consisting of a bowl of udon and another bowl of rice topped with grated yam.

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[Japan – Day 2] Otome Caek

Spending the entire day at Ikebukuro has left me completely beat. Hours of trawling through Otome Road and flipping through shelves and piles of doujinshi, cds, and other goods has left my arms quite sore.

We’ll start from the beginning. Woke up at 5am today and went to the nearby vending machine to get coffee. When Zelfi and Jinya woke up, we headed to Asakusa for breakfast.

The shop was slightly larger than the udon place we went to for dinner the previous night, and operated based on a vending machine, the ones which dispenses coupons with the name of the dish.

It would seem like an unlikely combination, but natto tastes wonderful with soba.

After breakfast, we headed to the train station. Took the Tsukuba Express to Akihabara, but this is not where we planned to spend the day doing m4d sp3nding. It was to transfer to the JR line, to Ikebukuro.

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[Japan – Day 1] Touchdown

Me, Zelfi of NKDS and Jinyamoto are in Japan on a 12-day trip right now. Thanks to everyone who came to send us off yesterday, despite it being 4am in the morning.

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Hiatus? No, just slow. o_x

The lack of updates recently was due to several factors, namely the erratic weather, clashing of schedules between me and the plum, and myself having several gunpla project commissions to finish up.

Hopefully by the end of this week we could have another figure review up!

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Plum Downtime.

In my case, it really is just a cold, so please don’t make those OMG TERMINAL ILLNESS LEIK SHIORI jokes TT_TT

I’ll be away for around 3 days because I’ve caught that nasty cold+throat infection combo that has been going around recently (T__T). So in the meantime, the self-proclaimed MOERUU!!! rice cracker shall entertain you, ;3

Jya, till I rest it off. :D


The happy sugar-powered blog-warming party (according to the resident plum)

Osaka calls the shots round here.

Presenting our danchou: Osaka-chan.

After a whole lot of staring at alien CSS lines, figuring them out with non existant yuki-powahs, applying vasts amounts of untapped common sense, straightening kinks here and there, and generally being, well, bonkuras…
*pops champagne against pink shoujo background*
*champagne is taken from her. Reason: underage*
Eh, anyway, the main (and not as fun) purpose of this post is to introduce the blog to the world at large. Not ourselves, for that you can read my levelheaded introduction (fufu) and senbei-san’s screaming at why everyone associates his name with the wrong objects over at the header links.
(note: don’t listen to him when he says that we provide funny figure reviews. NO SADERS NO SADERS.)
Our focus is going to be primarily on figures and gunpla. And extreme senseless randomness, considering the nature of both bloggers.
Both of us cosplay, so while it may be hard to cosplay and take up the role of a camekko at the same time, we’ll try to bring you coverage of major events to the best of our abilities. Add to the mix bits and pieces of related news, and a sprinkling of local stuff, and you get our intended direction :D
This is an intermission picture. Senbei has a harem of his own. T_T
Oh, for those people who demand straight faced deep thought provoking discussion on headseams (i.e. are allergic to nutcases), we provide anti-idiocy (non lethal) weapons for rental.
The limited list are as follows (arranged in order of danger): Piko hammers, tomatoes, pellet guns, bricks, and sharp objects (nooooo). The use of such weapons, although humorous, should be used after the judgement of how absurd the situation is. Please consider my our general well being, for a whack too many on our skulls may cause further retard-nization.
And you wouldnt want that, would you? Would you…?
(The above paragraph is completely random and thus has low relation to the primary objective of this post)
I shall now attempt to explain what bonkurasu means for those who have not watched Azumanga Daiou.
Bonkurasu (Bonklers) is derived from the word ‘bonkura’, which, bluntly put, means blockhead. In Azumanga, Yomi uses the term to describe Osaka, Kagura and Tomo, adding the -su sound in reference to English grammar, making the term plural (“bonkura-su”)
AND WE GET THE BAKA BRIGADE! YAY. *takes on baka-ranger pose*
Hai, basic introductions out of the way, I shall now end by saying a mabushii hello to everyone (XD). Seeing as we’re both noobs round here >.> We also hope for the guidance of our blogging sempai-su.
Saa, let blogwarming commence~!