The Bonkurasu Brigade


The previous randomness written by ume has been erased due to over exposure to bonkurasu pheromones, hence sentinel011 decided to edit the profile page

Some of you may know me via SRWforums.

Same age as sentinel011, since the both of us were secondary school classmates who share the same interests in mecha and Gundam, more specifically. Was invited initially to write reviews on my SD kits, but since I occasionally source various anime and manga news on my leisure time, I do post them up as well. Started out Gunpla earlier than sentinel011, since I begin with SD kits first.

^ hmm.. Sentinel pretty much covered what needs to be said, so I’ll keep it that way for the meantime :P

Everyones ending with some japanese phrase so I should try one too.
Umm, lets see…



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