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LEVEL 3 in Tokyo Dome report


Yes I know, it’s almost a year late for my report (and the Blu-ray’s already out). But it’s my first trip to watch Perfume in Japan with other Singaporeans! Of course, meeting worldwide WPTA fans as well.

Oh, and if you’re -still- waiting for my JPN Tour report, I’ve mostly forgotten all the emcee segments from then. Didn’t take any photos either. By and large, it was very similar to the JPN Tour DVD’s experience. I’ll probably do a short post using screencaps from the DVD footage and google maps photos, but we’ll see.

Also, this report is more like a recap on what happened before and after the concert. To understand the concert experience, please purchase their Blu-rays or DVDs.

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Japanese concerts in Singapore – what fans should know

Image from

Just having experienced two major Japanese concerts recently, it made me look back as to how successful the past solo and mixed concerts are. And frankly, it isn’t exactly good. Why? Well, here’s the basic structure as to how concerts are brought over to fans typically.

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a-nation Singapore 2014 report [Part 1]

a-nation_singapore logo

If there’s a sentence to summarize a-nation Singapore 2014, it would be “Superb performers, disappointing audience“.

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Fall 2014 Anime overview – picks and flops


Anime held during Fall are usually plentiful and usually contain the highest quality anime among other seasons of the year. Here are some of the picks and flops that I’ve managed to catch over the past two weeks.

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Top 5 picks at Gamestart Asia’s press conference

Image by Gamestart Asia

It is about 3 more weeks to the first proper game-centred convention in Singapore, and earlier today was the event’s second wave of announcements. But this time, the organisers invited the press and bloggers to St Games at Bugis+. So what can we expect at Gamestart? Here’s our top five highlights that were announced earlier today.

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G-Reco: About “Sky Gundam”

Pretty nice design isn’t it? Apparently this is one of the 3 pictures given as an “Early Designs Set” to attendees of the “Creators Talk Night” event at the last screening of G-Reco’s special advance cut at Shinjuku Piccadilly. But is it an early design of G-Self or a hint of the mid-season upgrade?

The answer is its NOT both.
More after the jump.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try PV, G-Reco update

An English subbed PV was uploaded on YouTube yesterday (22/8) found out via Gundam Guy, watched it and thought I’d write something on it :P

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Avex Trax’s a-nation concert artist and pricing predictions


Aside from Anison, ask any teenager in the 90s and early 2000s and they will tell you that Japanese Pop will most likely have a place in their music library. One of the biggest music companies in Japan, Avex Trax used to retail tons of CDs produced and marketed by their Taiwan and Hong Kong counterparts in Singapore. Sadly, the J-pop flame died right before the K-pop fever took over.

But with the resurgence of Japanese music, more and more Japanese performers and artistes look towards Singapore as a place to perform, more than ever before. And with that, Avex decided to have Singapore as one of the venues to hold their Summer concert “a-nation” in October later this year.

At press time (okay this is just a blog, but hey, it means at the moment this article is published) the performers list has yet to be revealed. Hence, here are my predictions on the artist list as well as the ticket pricing tiers.

(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Avex and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

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Amuse Entertainment Singapore bringing Lantis Festival to Singapore in 2015; artiste and location picks


(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Lantis, Amuse Singapore and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

Earlier this week, Amuse Asia’s facebook page posted something very interesting to Anisong fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Here’s an excerpt of the post:

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Double the Gundam goodness coming October!

Picture by Susagane

We know that G-Reco will be going on Japan TV in the coming October (but before that episode 1-3 will show in select theaters in August and than on the docomo Anime Store in September).

Just today the next title in the Gundam Build Fighters series is revealed! Gundam Build Fighters Try will also be showing coming October. So its going to be double the “G” this October!

With the GBF Try offcial site launch, the G-Reco site has also been updated.
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