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Gunpla fanatic No.1 of Bonkurasu.
Cosplaying is now will be a (not so) a distant memory for me soon~
Anime is still a way of life. =D

Well, currently working for an events company, stopped doing occasional part time bringing Japanese students around Singapore and modding new gunpla ideas from parts of my over 300++ past kits over the last 13 years. ( no worries, am currently looking for a full time job o_o). Age is 24 in 27 days from this edit. My first immersion to anime was via RTM2 (malaysian TV channel) that aired Super Robot anime like Grendizer, and others like Kamen Rider. Former Dragonball fan, now prefers mecha. Preference to female anime characters is MILF-oriented (or anything that has some heft in the chest area AND purely female). Exceptions to that category are Yuki(SHnY), Len/Ren(Tsukihime) Shana(Shakugan no Shana), Saya(Blood+) and Ushio (Clannad : After Story).

History of Sentinel011
I started out watching anime like any normal pre-schooler back in the late 1980s. Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider Black and Grendizer were the course of menu for the daily TV viewings everyday.

Gradually, I’ve come to like anime better than cartoons; it just had more impact on me, as compared to American made animations that kind of cater solely to kids. Aside from that, I lean more towards the art style and animation of the Japanese counterparts. Boys around my age dig on Dragonball manga, which was translated into Mandarin. Card collection was -the- hobby for nerds and jocks alike, but as I hit into the senior years of Primary school, I begin my gunpla collection, which currently amounted to almost 400 kits bought or built.

I met Iron2000 during my first year in secondary school, as we were classmates. He was into gunpla way longer than I was, but he likes SD (super deformed gundams) kits more than the proportionate counterparts. I begin my exodus on obtaining more anime from that point onwards, fueling my curiosity as the years go by.

When I’ve graduated from Secondary school, I went to a local cosplay event, dubbed Cosfest, back in the year 2002 with a couple of older local gunpla kit builders that I got to know through forums. This is when I got interested into cosplay, despite being slightly introverted. I got to know the local jrock and jpop scene from there too via cosplay links, but I was more of a observer than anything else.

6 years on and being involved with various activities that involve all things anime and cosplay related, I begin flirting with the idea about blogging anime-related stuff. At that time, Blood+ took my attention, and I got to know ume through the Livejournal community, where she spent her time writing yaoi fanfictions about Hagi and other chevaliers. I invited her to start a blog, and our focus was mostly about figurine reviews, a hobby which I started on not long after putting gunpla on hiatus.

And from then on, everything else was history.

Seiyuu: (Female) Inoue Marina, Inoue Kikuko, Chihara Minori
Artistes: Kuribayashi Minami, L’arc~en~Ciel, Perfume, May’n, Capsule, JAM Project, Kalafina
Anime: (current) K-On, Shin Mazinger,
Manga: No particular preference; mostly seinen and adult.

Involves in:
(though I’ll be in hiatus from cosplaying after Cosfest 08; but will still be in the scene… somewhat XD)
Gunpla (my first hobby; probably my most invested hobby too.)
(basically, this aspect is dead; but I still give some [ie, lousy] criticisms to artists I know)

-ends off with quote-
ZIEG ZEON! *raises arm*

(updated as of 01/06/2009)


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