The Bonkurasu Brigade


I am a helpless game addict. I usually prefer to play music games, but nostalgic stuff like Mappy and Gradius never gets old. I’m the sort of person who loves the Space Invaders motif, and pixel art.

Aside from playing games, I also spend a lot of my free time reading. I enjoy mystery and horror.

Like Sen-chan, I am a huge fan of Perfume. I generally listen to electronic music (Ram Rider, capsule and YMCK) and a bit of rock on the side (Group Tamashii and SPARTA LOCALS, among others). I enjoy quirky tunes, too (Soutai Seriron are a fine example).

The blog is now a gunpla party, now that we have two modelers on board. But idiots be idiots (and idiots like me fail at gunpla because I tend to lose parts…!). I’ll be bringing in the random news from lurking, and fish out bits from the internet that are of interest. Oh, and draw. Probably. Once in a while!


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